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We have prototyped and created a comprehensive UI set for SweepNet OEM Business Analytics Suite. This b2b SaaS is for investors who want to closely monitor the portfolio of their companies.


To allow investors to see aggregated values and track progress over time, there is a number of dashboards available on the platform. We have also developed a system of smaller chart blocks to populate these dashboards with beautiful data visualisations.

SweepNet - Dashboard
SweepNet - Dashboard
SweepNet - Dashboard
SweepNet - Dashboard
SweepNet - Dashboard
SweepNet - Dashboard
SweepNet - Dashboard

Main table

The main screen displays a wealth of information in a clean and easy to read table. You can filter data values and sort them by any column. The overall dark theme reduces eye strain for system operators.
Advanced controls and form elements are designed in a consistent neon style.

SweepNet - Main table
SweepNet - Main Table
SweepNet - Main Table
SweepNet - Main Table


The main technological marvel of this system is its powerful search functionality. You can search any object by various criteria in the extensive database of personal and business profiles. There is also a search using multiple parameters with AND or OR operators under the hood.

SweepNet - Search


Connections Matrix is a unique type of report that only SweepNet BA Suite can produce. It analyses connections between any given list of entities, even through third and fourth parties. You can regulate the depth of this drill-down. It’s like Kevin Bacon’s six degrees of separation rule. For example, you can easily see employees who have mutual friends or share common assets.

SweepNet - Reports


SweepNet - Style


SweepNet - Style

UI Elements

SweepNet - StyleSweepNet - Style

Art Director: Maria Yekimova

UX Prototyping, UI Design: Vlad Shevchenko

UX Design: Natalya Bulanova

UX Analytics, Project Management: Phil Smirnov

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