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This is a classic example of a website redesign for a prominent IT company in the region. Dunice has reached a stage where they can confidently handle A-class clients and projects, and their new website needs to reflect their expertise, experience, and scale.To ensure an optimal user experience, we began with thorough UX research. Based on the CJM insights gained, we created a wireframe prototype. After several refinements we have seamlessly transitioned to an adaptive design creation phase.

Dunice - Index

We’ve undertaken a comprehensive overhaul of the website’s structure and content presentation, resulting in a hi-tech appearance that conveys Dunice’s services and advantages in a compelling way. Each service page boasts its own distinctive visual representation, ensuring easy navigation. Neatly designed icons draw attention to key points within lists, while every case study on the site is assigned a distinct color, for better differentiation.

Dunice - Index

The company’s core strengths and capabilities are prominently displayed and clearly articulated. The case studies are organized within a portfolio, establishing cross-links that connect them to relevant service pages. Additional pages on the website provide insights into the Dunice’s working process, company history, market positioning, and educational initiatives.

Dunice - Categories
Dunice - Categories
Dunice - Categories

The website has been developed with a multilingual approach. Each language version possesses some nuances intentionally tailored to the specific local markets, acknowledging the differences in the company’s positioning. The mobile versions of the website also incorporate this level of customization.
At the same time the design system for UI elements remains cohesive and unified. All language versions of the site share the same comprehensive components library.

Dunice - English Index

Art Director: Maria Yekimova

UX Prototyping, UI Design: Ivan Markin

UI Design: Natalya Bulanova

Project Management: Phil Smirnov

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