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RealAtom, a well-known player in commercial real estate finance, turned to Motka Design for redesign of their main platform UI. The goal was not only to improve the look and feel, but also to greatly enhance usability and to add new functions, without adding too much cognitive overload.

Dunice - Index

Loan creation

RealAtopm - Loan creation

Easy-to-use interface

All the necessary tools and functions to apply for a loan are available now on a new Loan Page with a Document Vault and a Deal Room tabs for a quick access. Lenders can easily navigate through existing loan applications, get comprehensive information about lenders, effectively compare lender’s offers and bargain for better terms.

RealAtom - Lender managment

Simple infographic

We have transformed complex funnel statistics into clear and concise chart that provide an effective way to communicate information at a glance. Now it’s easier to see what’s happening with your loan and to make business decisions.


Deal Room Chats

We introduced the Deal Room concept, providing a convenient way for all participants to negotiate and exchange important information in real time. Chat bot guides both parties to the deal closure by walking them through all necessary steps one by one. This UX improvement alone has significantly reduced the time needed to prepare the deals.

RealAtom - Lender managmentRealAtom - Lender managment

Market Analytics

Market Analytics provides an insightful overview of current market trends. You can see dynamics of two most important metrics: loan rates and loan volumes. Understanding this helps borrowers to optimise their loan applications performance. Data is presented in a professional and clear format.

RealAtom - Lender managment


SweepNet - Style


SweepNet - Style


SweepNet - StyleSweepNet - StyleSweepNet - Style

UI Elements

SweepNet - StyleSweepNet - Style


While redesigning Real Atom platform we have followed client’s brand book and mimicked the existing UI style to maintain consistency. We have also prepared a collection of most used elements in a form of UI-Kit, so Real Atom developers could assemble interface pages from scratch using ready made components.


Art Director: Phil Smirnov

UX Prototyping, UI Design: Natalya Bulanova

UI Design: Anna Gapeeva

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