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News 360 was one of the first apps for iPhone, iPad and Android that allowed user to read custom news feeds from media sources all over the world. Besides mobile app UI, we have created a famous logo and have developed a consistent look for News360 apps across all mobile platforms and on the web.

News360 Лендинг

The personalized feed is based on the user’s individual preferences and is automatically organized in an easy-to-read format. While browsing, you can collect additional tags to your watchlist, gently tailoring your feed according to your personal tastes. The more you read, the more relevant your feed gets.

News 360 - Новости

During the onboarding process you can pick topics for your watchlist from the menu. Or you can get an automatic selection based on quick analysis of your social network profile content.


Art Director: Phil Smirnov

UX Prototyping, UI Design: Maria Yekimova

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