Online identity verification
platform IDX

IDX provides a convenient online tool for document recognition and authenticity verification, all within a single interface.

IDX Index

The identity and document verification process is a complex technological service.
How can we simplify the explanation for potential clients?

In addition to simplifying the explanation, our primary design objectives were:

  1. 1. Enhance the visibility of the IDX brand in a competitive market.
  2. 2. Redesign the platform’s user interface to improve usability.
  3. 3. Create a unified design for the landing pages to increase conversion rates.
IDX icon

Personal account

IDX - Личный кабинет
IDX - Персонажи
IDX - Градиент
IDX icon

How it works

IDX - How it works
IDX Как это работаетIDX How it works
IDX icon

Real-time verification

IDX - проверка на лету
IDX - проверка на лету
IDX - проверка на лету
IDX - персонаж
IDX - Фон

We proposed a human-centered approach: by visualizing a relatable and empathetic individual behind the documents and data checks. This concept strongly resonated with the IDX team, as handling personal data is a sensitive area in the IT industry. By incorporating images of everyday people in urban contexts, we effectively alleviate common concerns and tensions associated with the notion of „Big Brother“.

IDX icon

Conversion to purchases

IDX - конверсия в покупки
IDX - конверсия в покупки
IDX - Conversion to purchases
IDX - Conversion to purchases
IDX - Conversion to purchases
IDX - Conversion to purchases
IDX - Conversion to purchases
IDX - Conversion to purchases
IDX - персонаж
IDX - ИконкиIDX - Иконки

Style guide

Branded background




Light green



IDX - шрифтыIDX - шрифтыIDX - шрифты
IDX - Типографика
IDX - Form
IDX - персонаж
IDX - персонаж
IDX - персонаж

As a result, we have developed a vibrant new design style that effectively communicates IDX’s platform services to the market. The design style has been implemented across all landing pages, the Personal Account user interface, and the corporate website. The IDX brand now boasts a fresh look and feel, along with a comprehensive set of various branded assets, including page templates, illustrations, and UI design components.

IDX градиент
IDX - Scheme


Art Director: Phil Smirnov

Design and illustrations: Maria Yekimova, Anna Gapeeva

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