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Mobile app design for athlete’s nutrition

Foodbuddy helps athletes neatly ogranize their food patterns and share them with the others.


FoodBuddy helps you to choose ingredients and create a menu based on your personal nutrition preferences, type of competition and stage of training. It will also help you find suitable meals in nearby cafes and restaurants.

Our goal was to create an app that combines all the food pattern tracking features in one: log food, count impact, analyze trends, push notifications, search food and recipes, recommend places and follow friends.

Food tracker

Tracking every meal could be exhausting, that’s why we have simplified food logging process as much as possible.It’s easy to add new potions during the day and all the important nutritional information is automatically calculated in the app with the necessary accuracy.

You can monitor the factual ratio of protein, fat and carbohydrates and see how it breaks against your optimal calorie and nutrient plan for the week.

фон галереи

Users of Foodbuddy app are triathletes, cyclists and runners, people participating in Ironman and marathons. These types of sports require long and hard training, sticking to your diet, constantly overcoming oneself and exercising a tremendous amount of willpower.

We intentionally moved away from the vanilla or joyful aesthetics typically found in healthy food trackers. We have incorporated pixelated icons, created by the project’s illustrator into the core of app’s design. Now the process of tracking nutrition and finding food resembles a good old-school computer game.

What to eat

Foodbuddy also helps you to find cafes and restaurants serving healthy food by matching your food preferences against their menu.

As your designated lunch time comes, the app pushes you a notification message with the invitation to see a list of nearby places serving meals which are the most suitable for you right now, considering your food plan and consumption history.

Что поесть?
Что поесть?
фон галереи

Arseny Chernov

triathlete, founder of Foodbuddy


It’s really nice when you see that designers care about user experience first and foremost, not just customer approval. You expect help and ideas from designers, and I got them from the Motka team.
Thank you!



  • A new product tailored for triathletes
  • Original design and thoughtful architecture
  • A satisfied client with 50 layouts ready for development
Foodbuddy - все экраны


Art Director: Phil Smirnov

Design: Maria Yekimova

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